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Physical Benefits

FitKids classes will provide health benefits beyond improved levels of fitness. Our programming will help develop your child's vestibular system (inner ear), which will improve balance, coordination, and sense of equilibrium. Our impact loading exercises, such as broad jumps, tuck jumps, and jumping jacks, will increase bone density and our constantly varied workouts will maintain an elevated heart rate in a fun, positive atmosphere.


Cognitive Benefits

Exercise has been proven to improve learning by increasing blood flow, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the brain at a higher rate, and increasing cerebral blood vessel growth. This translates to increased concentration, better performance on attention-taxing tasks, improved abstract reasoning, and increased ability to lock in memories.


Lifestyle Benefits

Throughout our FitKids sessions, we place as much importance on physical activity as we do on work ethic and character. We promote hard work and honesty, we give 110%, and we cheer on our teammates until the last rep. Integrity, balance, and ownership are key tenets of our FitKids!