RP Diet Templates


RP Diet templates are a scientific approach to getting leaner, building muscle and improving performance.

Fat Loss

Fat Loss 2.png

The goal is to lose 5-25 pounds of fat over a 3-month period. Choose the Fat Loss option for wanting to get leaner and lose weight. You can still gain strength and some muscle on this option. 

Muscle Gain

Muscle Gain2.png

The goal is to gain 5-15 pounds of muscle (with minimal fat gain) over a 3-month period. Choose Muscle Gain if you want to GAIN WEIGHT. 

Template screen shot.png

Blueprint & diet progressions specific to YOU!

Pie chart.png

Systematic, observable path to achieving your ideal body composition. No gimmicks, fads or quick fixes. 

Serving Size.png

Visual guides to help you master food amounts without spending countless hours tracking macros.