What is F.I.T.?

F.I.T. is high intensity interval training that is constantly varied and designed to push your limits, keep you focused, and get you stronger. You'll use battle ropes, slam balls, kettlebells, plates, jump ropes, medicine balls, and barbells; plus you'll see your fair share of body-weight calisthenics. 

There are five main components to each F.I.T. workout: warm-up, F.I.T. test, core, workout 1, and workout 2. Together, each component of the workout is designed to keep you burning for the full-hour. The F.I.T. tests offer a measurement for you to track your progress and see visible results.

Who Can Do F.I.T.?

Everyone! If you've been on the fence about CrossFit, give F.I.T. a try. You'll see a lot of similar movements, but you won't see heavy loads or olympic lifts. If you're a regular lifter, F.I.T. is a great cardio supplement to keep you well-balanced. If you are a distance runner, F.I.T. can help ensure you target and strengthen all muscle groups and decrease your likelihood of an injury. 

Stop in for a week of F.I.T. classes on us!